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Price including GST $1200

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Blank Attention Libraries, Museums, and Information centres.

Do you have precious documents, artifacts, photographs, rare archived specimens, or pertinent sound files?

Artifact Explorer allows the public to view and study such memorabilia. Patrons will love the hands on experience of the touch screen, with the power to zoom in and out, drag to each detail, and listen to sound files.

Artifact Explorer is a cost effective solution to provide safe public access to your valuable information.


  • No Restrictions on copying
  • Displays to TVs, Plasma Screens, Monitors or Data Projectors
  • Database allows for Multiple Page Books or Photographs of Objects
  • Automatic imbedding of images into Database
  • Use Multi-format images BMP, TIF, JPEG, GIF
  • Use WAV sound files for narration, sound effects, or mood settings
  • Pop-Up Notes feature for further artifact detail
  • Zoom-In Zoom-Out Scrutinising Buttons
  • Touch and Drag to reach every corner of display
  • Includes Database Editor
  • Pop-Up On-Screen and Printer Enabled Help File

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