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Price including GST $500

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Blank Attention all Organisations, Exhibitors, Information Centres, Museums and Clubs.

If you have Video Media that you would like the public to have access to, Video Explorer provides the perfect solution.

Via a touch screen, your patrons can select from a main menu of up to 24 videos. They will enjoy the power to start, stop, pause, or loop each video.

Your selection of videos could include rare archived footage, promotional or educational material, or perhaps evacuation procedures.

Video Explorerís easy install and simple video content updates makes your display flexible, and suited to temporary exhibitions.


  • No Restrictions on copying
  • Displays to all devices running a Windows operating system
  • Uses multiformat videos - wmv, avi(s), or mpg(s)
  • Install from or run videos via USB chips or Solid State Drives
  • Allows 24 videos of any size, subject to HDD or solid state capacity
  • The Pop-Up Help Screen is easy to follow
  • Match your touch screen to your budget, choosing from Kiosk, Wall or Bench Mounted Screens, or Tablets
  • For economy, Video Explorer can be run on a Laptop. Simply cover the keyboard and provide mouse control

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